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With regards to the cleanliness of your office, club or medical practice from a visual point of view, steam cleaning your carpets gives you your best return on your investment. Many offices we see pay thousands of dollars a year to have the offices professionally cleaned only to neglect the carpet. And the carpet is usually the first thing your clients and staff notice.

Steam cleaning your carpets has many benefits, and below are three of the best.

No-one likes going to work in a dirty environment. The staff are at work the majority of their waking hours. The type of workplace you offer them goes a long way in how they feel about coming to work each day.

New clients will notice the cleanliness of your workplace often before you even meet them or give them a chance to hear what your business has to offer. First impressions last.

Sick days cost this country millions of dollars each year. A healthier office is a more productive office.

By cleaning your carpet 6 monthly or annually(depend on foot traffic to your business) regular basis you can save thousands of dollars without having to worry about replacing carpets very often which is involve large costs depend on the size of the area.

Why Choose Us

We are efficient and professional carpet cleaning team in Brisbane. We also aim to get the job done the first time, but we will always respond to callbacks when necessary. Here is a list of just a few reasons you should give us a call today:

Friendly, professional team
Reliable and punctual we will even notify if we have any delays
We use the best eco-friendly products and equipment on the market
Guarantee on all services – If we don’t get it right we will come back at no cost
Free no-obligation information and quotes
Competitive prices

Who We Are

We are efficient and professional. We also aim to get the job done the first time, but we will always respond to callbacks when necessary.

The Cleaning Process

Here are the procedures we follow; however, please note that not all of these steps are used in commercial premises. Depending on the carpet, some steps may incur additional charges.

Step 1 – Pre-Inspection and Furniture Relocation

Firstly we perform a pre-inspection and identify and marks or stains, and this may involve moving furniture so we can view the entire area.

Step 2 – Pre-Vacuum Process

Secondly, we pre-vacuumed the carpet to remove any excess soil and debris from the surface. This process is will also open up the carpet fibres.

Step 3 – Stain treatment and Cleaning of Specific Areas

We will use our PH balanced carpet cleaning chemicals to treat specifically stained areas.

Step 4 – Steam Cleaning

Using a professionally developed steam cleaning system to remove dirt from the carpet fibres.

Step 5 – Sanitise and Deodorise the Carpet

To keep your carpet smelling fresh and clean, we sanitise and deodorise the floor. This step removes odour and kills bacteria and fungi.

Step 6 – Carpet Grooming

Our final procedure is called carpet grooming. Here we will reset the pile which helps the car-pet dry faster.

Step 7 – Completion and Final Inspection

Our cleaning professionals will do a final walkthrough with you. We will inspect the floor and confirm you are 100% happy with our work before we are asking for sign-off.

Our Services

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We also specialises in Window Cleaning. High Pressure Cleaning, Car Park Cleaning Common Ground Cleaning and maintenance.

Our service areas: Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane City, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane South, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane West, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Brisbane North, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Yatala, Commercial Carpet Cleaning Ipswich

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